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The Date Night Shop 100 Favorites was design to give you ideas on ways to implement date night into your life style. Each product was chosen by ratings, price, style, color & size availability and appearance.  Please, click on product image, read the ratings or comments before you purchase. Some shipping fees may apply.


Sending a bouquet of flowers when least expected or just because means far more than receiving flower for the traditional special occasions, birthdays, valentine day and anniversaries etc. Regardless of your relationship status receiving flowers will make your partner smile. Send a bunch today!

Couples Games

If you want to have a fun night, just add one or more of these games to your date night itinerary. It's an fun way to get together and laugh for a while. To make playing a little more interesting have the loser pay anywhere from five to twenty dollars and add it to a date night jar for future date nights. So, let the games begin!

Mood Lighting

Traditional candles or dimming lamps have always been the go to for creating a romantic evening at home. Let's try warm glows and pattern lighting for a change, just to spice it up.

Spa & Relaxation

The regular dinner and a movie is great, but a massage is one of the best ways to bond with a loved one. This relaxing experience leaves you feeling more intimate and relaxed just by the touching alone. If you don't know how to give a massage...learn and if you do know how, grab that warm oil and get started!

Women Lingerie

When wearing lingerie make sure it’s comfortable for you and you’re pleased about the way it looks, feel & fits. Wearing lingerie should make you feel confident, glamorous, sexy and in control. That’s right, in control. Feel and be the goddess that you are. 

Sexy Shoes

Not much to say here. Sexy shoes and lingerie just go together like a lock & key, bow & arrow or thunder and lightning (you know what I mean). Heels can make a tee shirt and bikini underwear look sexy. So, show those legs off!


Cosplay or roleplay, you choose. If you're not into either, just play. Ask your partner what he/she thinks and pick a character or person type and create the fantasy. Have fun!


Our favorite pick for romantic music is Sam Levine ( Smooth) cd. There is something about the saxophone that is so soothing and relaxing to the soul. The music covers below are links to mp3's that you can mix and match to create your own saxophone playlist.

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