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Romantic Dinner

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Planning your romantic dinner at home 
By P.Kea August 23, 2023

When planning a romantic dinner at home, you should set a date and make sure you secure a babysitter or arrange a sleepover for the kids to be of the house for the evening. 

A week before the set date, decide on the menu (don't be afraid try something a little different or a new recipe)  and make sure you include in the menu a three course meal (appetizer, main course and dessert. If not all three at least the main course and dessert.


Though not mandatory... it would be nice if the person preparing the meal received a small token of appreciation gift and yes, flowers are a gift and no, wine or champagne is not a gift if it's to be shared. The gift shouldn't be expensive (Let's say under 25.00) a book, beaded bracelet, a mug, a tie, sports baseball cap etc. Guys, if you have been dating for a while, stay away from tiny box


Two days before, make sure you have all the ingredients you need to prepare your meal and decide who’s doing the cooking, you, your partner or both. prefer to cook my meals with my partner, either I cook and he cleans or vice versa. (I dislike looking at a whole lot of dishes at the end of a meal.)

The night before, make sure the house is clean, especially the kitchen, and that you have a few (non-scented) candles and a romantic music playlist, some flowers or rose petals (optional).

The night of, come home, take a shower or bathe and rub your body all over with a lightly scented lotion or cream. You don’t want the smell from your body scent competing with the meal you are about to prepare. Turn off the mobile or cell phone (emergencies only). Chill the wine and or champagne.

Setting up the dining area. Add candles and flowers or rose petals (optional), If you decide not to have salad remove the salad fork and plate and if you're having soup add soup bowl on top of dinner plate and soup spoon right of the teaspoon. 

Casual Dining etiquette

You could break out the chilled champagne or wine a little earlier if you decide to sip as you cook, or wait until the meal is completed.


After dinner, if you don't have to pick up the kids right away, go ahead and complete the evening by taking in a good movie or cuddling up and playing a fun game.

Wrap up

Remember this: What takes a casual meal to a romantic meal is the set up. Candles, flowers, music and positive mindset or attitude. You can also have a romantic breakfast, brunch or lunch, indoors or outdoors, in a park, on your terrace or in the backyard. Try to include these romantic dinners regularly throughout the year. It will definitely add a little spice to your relationship. Have a great date night! Oh and don't forget to check out Tasty.Co for additional quick dinner menus.

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