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Spice it up!

Add a little romance 

P.Kea Dated  May 22, 2023 

Thinking of ways to spice things up in the romance department? Consider a romantic evening at home. Think of date night as an investment in the well-being of your relationship. Whether you just have dinner, enjoy a movie, play games, or cuddle up on the sofa. However you choose to do date night, the goal of the entire experience is to relax, connect or reconnect. Hopefully you will keep date night as part of your relationship repertoire. So, Let’s get started...

Now, you can host a surprise date night, but I think it’s better when both parties participate. So, let’s get started by picking a calendar date. Choosing a week day can be hectic unless you’re single, retired, and/or have no kids. I would suggest a Friday night and arrange overnight childcare. If this is a surprise date night, leave work early so that you can setup before your mate gets home. You’ll want the chance to clean and freshen up the house, especially the kitchen, living room and bedroom. Shower and change before you start the evening. But whatever you decide, getting the children out of the house is a must.


Now that you have chosen a date, here are a couple of things you’ll need to get for your romantic night at home: candles, flowers, wine or champagne, bubble bath, massage oil, takeout menu or items you’ll need to prepare a meal, dessert, music playlist, romantic movie, one or two games and gifts for the winner. Of course, you may not need all the things listed for the night, it really depends on your choice of activities. Now that you have everything you need


Let’s Set the mood

Candles and soft background music seem to set a romantic tone for evening, especially if you’re trying to hit a home run for the night. Place candles on the dining table, in the living room, in the bathroom (if bathing together) and the bedroom. Light and blow out the candles as you move from room to room. No need to cause an accidental fire!

Romantic Dinner 

Tonight, would be a great night to order your favorite takeout food. Italian, Chinese, Mexican etc. or you can cook a meal together. Set up your dining table with candles, vase flowers, and wine or champagne. Add a dinner menu or itinerary for a special touch.



Moving from the dining room to the living room where you can cuddle up and watch a romantic or sexy movie together.


Let’s have some fun. You can play the traditional games like checkers, chess, scrabble and Jenga, but let’s take it up a notch and try strip poker, truth or dare, or loaded questions (adult version). Be creative with your games and have a prize for the winner.


Bath or Massage

Moving from the living room to the bathroom or bedroom, take a candlelit bubble bath together complete with champagne or wine. Or give each other a nice long sensual massage with a scented massage oil.




I think you can handle it from here...


Here’s to a great date night!

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